Video Transfer & Duplication Services

FAST FOTO FILM LAB offers the best film to video, sound & silent 8mm or 16mm, VHS transfer service available with the high-resolution flicker free aerial image system. Video editing (non-linear computer method) is also available for most video formats including HDV.

Video Tranfer and Duplication Services


Video Transfer Services

FAST FOTO FILM LAB can transfer your 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm movie film to digital. All movie film is cleaned and repaired for maximum picture quality. Most blank and poor footage is edited out. All movies are then transferred flicker free with no interruptions.

Video Duplication Services

FAST FOTO FILM LAB can duplicate your video tapes and DVD’s. Most any film, video and audio format can be converted to DVD, CD and Web files. We can also convert your video tapes to and from the VHS & DV PAL foreign formats.


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