Film Developing Services

We specialize in developing and scanning film for pro photographers and film enthusiasts throughout the United States. We offer C-41 processing of: 110, APS, 35mm, 120, 220 color and C-41 B&W film, as well as True Black and White processing by hand.

All film scanning is completed in our photo lab located in Bloomington. We offer super-fast turnaround times and are often faster than many of our competitors; we can usually have your photos back to you in under a week! Send us your film! Download our print order form here.


Film Processing

FAST FOTO FILM LAB professionally adjusts each image to ensure beautiful photographs with accurate color and density.
For professionals, we can set up color profiles to match the photographic style your customers have come to expect.

Black and White Film Processing

FAST FOTO FILM LAB can print your negatives in nearly any size, from wallet to 16×24, in house. Custom and larger prints are available upon request.

Scanned negatives are send digitally via an email download. CD, DVD or, Flash drive are also available upon request.

Are you a PRO PHOTOGRAPHER? You can get your photos to your customers quicker by requesting a FREE FTP account!

Give our customized and personal service a try today. We love bringing your photos to life and look forward to partnering with you!

Click here for Film Process & Scan Pricing.

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